Top Tracking System and The Truck Tracking

GPS truck tracking from Top Tracking System offers an affordable and easy-to-use solution for any fleet size in any type of business niche.
Securing expensive equipment is key for owners of heavy equipment. Now companies can have peace of mind by securing with a GPS tracking system and knowing where their equipment is at all times and the conditions under which they are operating.
The tracking of Top Tracking System form trucks is becoming more common as companies and government agencies recognize the benefits of these systems. With better asset coordination, faster delivery times and better fleet management, truck tracking systems can dramatically improve efficiency.

The Top Tracking System system allows fleet managers to observe vehicles remotely, receiving information about the vehicle’s location, the direction of travel and the status of the unit. Historically, this type of system allows you to access the necessary details to observe and correct unwanted trends and determine and reduce fuel consumption.
It provides real-time data, with intervals of just 10 seconds, allowing fleet managers to run their fleets efficiently.

With these crucial data, today’s truck fleets can operate in the most efficient way possible, exceeding customer expectations, reducing fuel usage and improving road safety.


Companies often cite employee monitoring as a key reason to use a truck tracking system.
If a vehicle stops longer than necessary along its route, or if it takes a different route, the fleet manager has full knowledge of that and can act immediately to stop that unacceptable behavior.

GPS truck tracking helps a business plan, more efficient routes and communicate with others, both drivers and customers.
With easy-to-use maps and real-time updates, a fleet manager or dispatcher has a better idea of ​​traffic patterns and route efficiency.
Top tracking System truck tracking systems have the right technology and equipment so that fleet management professionals can reduce costs and improve service.
These are some of the challenges that truck tracking can help reduce and / or solve.

High fuel consumption:
Record in real time the fuel refueling of the vehicle that helps reduce high fuel consumption.

Control speeding through automated alerts and route optimization.
Identify and reduce aggressive behavior in driving, risk points, improving road safety, unprofitable routes.

Misuse of vehicles:
Eliminate unnecessary downtime and misuse of the vehicle to make the most of your fleet. With the intelligent system of Top tracking System that improves the energetic efficiency and increases the security in your vehicle.

Vehicle expenses:
Provides reports on the state of the vehicle at the start of each activity. It send alert notifications in case of mechanical checks, fuel consumption, tires etc. Helping to reduce unnecessary mechanical expenses.

Long trajectories on the road:
We offer detailed reports so you know how optimize routes, and reduce long hours on the road. You only have to enter the way points and the system will show you which is the more optimal route to carry out the proper distribution of routes.


  1. We just installed the system ELD of Top tracking System was very easy to use. We obtained everything necessary for a quick operation of each of various functions of the software program that apply to our company and particular situations. We are very happy to use the ELD solution . We started with a small-scale project, but I am sure that we will add the other units of the fleet in a very short time.

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