Premiun Features

nuestros ELD están diseñados para facilitar y reducir el papeleo de documentos de carga, recibos de combustible, etc., además de controlar efectivamente las horas de servicio. En la mayoría de los casos el operador no tendrá que guardar estos records de papel que verifican las horas de servicio, como se hace actualmente.

For managers of the transportation companies is essential to know where their vehicles, when they require maintenance and how to reduce travel time and fuel costs for their final result. The software and systems fleet tracking give you the visibility you need to track and manage your fleet of any size, efficiently while optimizing your operations, reducing costs and increasing revenue.

 Increase easily the miles you can bill, reduce fuel consumption, the maintain of your assets and other operating costs.
We offer you the highest intelligence of mobile assets and fleet you need to analyze the efficiency of all your operations, regardless of the variety and quantity of assets in your mixed fleet.


  • Flexible application that adapts to all the needs of our customers.
  • Detailed reports of activity, routes, mileage, speed and sensors.
  • Event registration and control of wireless access to the vehicle for multiple users.
  • Intelligent optimizer of routes and unlimited data storage.
  • Manager of maintenance of services and tasks.
  • Assisted navigation of the vehicle in real time.
  • Remote identification and communication system between central and driver.
  • Free software update.
  • No contracts