Suntech ST20 (wired)

Our Suntech ST20 product has been specifically designed for the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) ecosystem.

ST20 is an easy to install direct connect device. It retrieves the vehicle information that is required by our ELD Compliance application partners through a direct connection to the vehicle with the appropriate harness (J1939/J1708). This required vehicle data is transmitted to the android device through the RS232 interface, which provides the data and charging connection.

Product Details:

  • Support Heavy Duty Vehicle Protocol – J1939 (250/500 kbps)/J1708
  • Vehicle parameters passed through RS232 for ELD requirement:
  • Vehicle ID Number (VIN), Vehicle Speed, Odometer, Engine Hour, Engine RPM
  • ASCII text data format sent over RS232 that can be connected to tablet or PC
  • Support LED – Indicator of Operating Status (Active/Sleep)
  • Support Sleep Mode to Protect Vehicle Battery
  • Support wired connection for data and charging to android tablet (Single Cable)