ERM Telematics StarLink

Starlink TrackerBT – Bluetooth Enabled Advanced Vehicle Tracking. Highly cost effective and versatile vehicle tracking device mainly used in Fleet Management and Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) operations.

StarLink Tracker is compatible with most vehicle types and complies with automotive, radio and safety standards worldwide (StarLink Tracker3G for North America and Australia).
The StarLink Tracker is highly recommended for use in security, fleet management, insurance, rental and leasing service companies.

Product Details:

  • Embedded Cellular/GPS antennas
  • 2G Quad band GSM or 3G Dual Band modem
  • GPS/GLONASS location module
  • Cellular jamming detection with text alert feature

StarLink  offers a one-stop platform incorporating:

  • 12V/24V operation
  • Multi location systems: GPS/GNSS
  • Quad Band 2G or Dual Band EU/US for 3G Cellular
  • Embedded antennas for easy installation
  • Battery and starter diagnostic
  • Comprehensive I/O with a unique one-wire, communication port (eNet) for fast and simple connectivity wit ERM’s wide variety of accessories
  • PND solution with Garmin integration
  • Diagnostic features: CANBUS, FMSJ1939/1708 (using ERM’s diagnostic accessories: eData/CANalog/eCAN)
  • Fuel theft alert and fuel level monitoring (using ERM’s eFuel accessory)
  • Driver behavior and BlackBox (using ERM’s eSafe accessory)
  • Security and Immobilizing solution (using ERM’s security accessories: LCA, eCut Hammer)