CalAmp VeoSphere

VeoSphere™ by CalAmp provides all equipment needed to certify a fully compliant solution for both light and heavy duty fleets subject to the FMCSA ELD mandate.

VeoSphere can support any Android capable Hours of Service (HOS) application and includes:

Integrated Cradle:

The industry’s first in-cab charging cradle with a mandated LED malfunction indicator light and a powerful built-in telematics gateway featuring highly sensitive GPS, triple-axis accelerometer, cellular connectivity and the ability to read and communicate real-time vehicle engine data.

MDT-7P™ Android Tablet:

A rugged 7-inch touchscreen display with wired, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity, including an open OS platform to support a variety of transportation applications including mandated HOS applications.

Connection Cable:

A single cable that provides power and direct connectivity to the vehicle’s engine control unit.