CalAmp LMU-4230

He Cal-Amp LMU-4230 fleet tracking device is highly customizable focused on meeting the needs of fleets belonging to business and small businesses that need expansion and personalization options.

Has connectivity options via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well as connection and exit options.

Vehicles that can be configured to send GPS positions within the GSM / GPRS / CDMA 1xRTT / HSPA / LTE networks, is an ideal tracker for Fleet Management.

CalAmp provides all equipment needed to certify a fully compliant solution for both light and heavy duty fleets subject to the FMCSA ELD mandate.

To monitor that your vehicle fleet is driving correctly, the CalMap LMU-4230 GPS Tracker will be able to offer you the following reports for Driving Control:

aggressive acceleration, aggressive braking and vehicle impact reporting.

The connection interface in LMU-4230 is the following: 1 digital input reserved for ignition, 7 digital inputs, 5 digital outputs with open collector (150mA), 4 analog inputs and 2 1-Wire inputs in which you can connect a sensor temperature or manage Driver Identification to invalidate the driving of unauthorized personnel.

Product Details

  • GSM Band: Quad Band
  • HSPA / UMTS band: All bands
  • Voice: No
  • Back up of the battery: Yes
  • Internal Memory: Yes
  • Communication method: GPRS, TCP, UDP
  • Position by: Time, Distance, Change of angle
  • Energy Saving: Yes
  • Digital Inputs:> 4
  • Pre-defined inputs: Ignition Analog Inputs: 4
  • Internal Events: Yes
  • Antennas: GPS, GSM
  • Plastic cover
  • Extras Connections: External Antennas, Temperature Sensor, Garmin FMI, Driver Identifier, 1-wire, Serial Port.