Apollo ECM-Link Bluetooth

The US Fleet Tracking ELD interpreter is a J1708/J1939 type I and II Bluetooth device that you connect to your vehicle’s ECM, to read engine data and transmit to the ELD application via Bluetooth.

The Smartphone which is paired to the Interpreter will provide the information the application needs to properly read the data from the device

Product Details

  • Compact size (mm): 84 (L) X 37 (W) X 22 (H)
  • Enclosure color: Black
  • Operating temperature: 40 ˚C to 85 ˚C
  • Storage temperature: -65°C to +150°C
  • Power supply: +9V~+36 V DC, 150mA max
  • Operation current: Max 50mA
  • Sleeping current: Max 4mA
  • 4 LED indicators: – Power LED: for power indicator
  • OBD TX, RX for BUS data indicator
  • DATA OUT LED: for Bluetooth event indication
  • 1 Reset switch: Not used in normal operation, used for RESET memory only
  • 1 DB9 “BUS” Interface, connect to
  • vehicle BUS