Who are we?



We are a GPS fleet tracking company and ELD solution that offers simple, effective fleet management, analysis, communication and tracking based on GPS tracking which is a powerful and cost-effective way to reduce costs and maximize profits. Widely used for the safety and operational efficiency of fleets in many countries. In recent years, we have reached a considerable list of clients in all types of industries.
Our ELD solution complies with the requirements of the law and improves the overall safety and productivity of your mobile transport assets, having access to consolidated data in real time. Maximize the productivity of vehicles, fleets, supply chains or assets of your company with the ELD solution for the transportation industry that Top tracking System offers, easily increase the miles that can be invoiced, reduce the maintenance of your assets and other operating costs.
We provide a low price guarantee and high quality ELD fleet registration systems that give you the visibility your company needs to track and manage your fleet efficiently while optimizing your operations, reducing costs and increasing your revenues. Go to the front with the exact location of your assets and the status information on our GPS tracking platform.
All of our services include assistance and training for our clients with all the guidelines and tips that will help users to have a pleasant experience with our ELD solution and to get the most out of using it.

Our Team