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GPS Fleet Tracking Software

The electronic (ELD) of Top tracking System will comply with the ELD mandate. Our solution will only require small software updates, without hardware exchange.

¡Choose the ELD system that best suits the needs of your fleet right now!

Top Tracking System is a company that develops a technology to provide GPS Fleet Tracking System to improve your business. We have a lot of experience in remote monitoring and control. Our system for vehicle tracking and support software are necessary to help solve control problems for our customers. We use a friendly interface to give ease of use to our users. In this way Top Tracking System becomes a simple and easy to use product for customers. In this way Top Tracking System provides a simple solution but at the same time effective and with an inpresindible utility that promises an easy and fast recovery of the investment.


GPS Fleet Tracking System – The Better Choice

Top Tracking System offer this and much more..

Support and Training

For Top Tracking System the satisfaction of our customers is our satisfaction and reward.
Therefore, we provide a system support screen for our customers, providing them with clear information about the status of the device. In case of any problem with the tracking platform, GPS units or mobile application ELD, contact us.
Please, mark all the details that are possible so that they can help you in the best possible way. (more…)

Low Pricing

We provide you with the visibility you need to track and manage your fleet efficiently in the same way that we optimize your operations, reduce costs and increase revenue.
We guarantee the best price by offering an incomparable, powerful and profitable solution to maximize your profits and reduce the costs of fuel consumption, maintenance of your assets and other operating costs.

Determining what is best for your economy and your billing preference is our concern. Most of our electronic registration devices (ELD) have been modified in the price for the purchase, and have a monthly service plan for which you are responsible.


Easily Customizable

Discover everything that Top Tracking System can do to improve your business.
We’re the trucking industry’s one-stop source for electronic logging device information ELD.
Our solution ELD complies with the requirements of law and improves the global security and productivity of your transport assets, having access to consolidated data in real time.
Go a step ahead with the exact location of your assets and status information them with an effective GPS tracking system that saves you time and money.


Premiun Features

nuestros ELD están diseñados para facilitar y reducir el papeleo de documentos de carga, recibos de combustible, etc., además de controlar efectivamente las horas de servicio. En la mayoría de los casos el operador no tendrá que guardar estos records de papel que verifican las horas de servicio, como se hace actualmente.

For managers of the transportation companies is essential to know where their vehicles, when they require maintenance and how to reduce travel time and fuel costs for their final result. The software and systems fleet tracking give you the visibility you need to track and manage your fleet of any size, efficiently while optimizing your operations, reducing costs and increasing revenue.


Suntech ST20 (wired)


Our Suntech ST20 product has been specifically designed for the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) ecosystem. ST20 is an easy to install direct connect device. It retrieves the vehicle information that is required by our ELD Compliance application partners through a direct connection to the vehicle with the appropriate harness (J1939/J1708). This r...

Fleetilla LX-2000


Our experience in designing and developing robust telematics hardware. Solutions work on most wireless technologies (2G/3G, GPRS, 1xRTT, UMTS/HSPA) and application scenarios (external antennas, compact, waterproof, etc.) And because they integrate seamlessly with our web applications, we can eliminate guesswork and the installation headaches....

ERM Telematics StarLink


Starlink TrackerBT – Bluetooth Enabled Advanced Vehicle Tracking. Highly cost effective and versatile vehicle tracking device mainly used in Fleet Management and Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) operations. StarLink Tracker is compatible with most vehicle types and complies with automotive, radio and safety standards worldwid...



Since I worked with Top tracking System, the process has been excellent, fluid and pleasant, from the demonstration to the acquisition of the ELD system.
The ELD of Top tracking System is the best, I am very happy to use it, I am completely satisfied with its service and all the benefits it has given me without doubt, when people ask me about the ELD services, you will be the ones first to take into account.
“It has been a GREAT help to keep up with my trailers.” Thank you. “

Dianna Smith

We have been using GPS systems in our trucks and vendors for several months. We are satisfied with the fleet tracking feature tool, the service is excellent. This product is very easy to use and the information you get is extremely useful. It really has been more good than we expected. We started with a fleet tracking unit and now we have more than eight units, we are truly satisfied.

Adam Swamson O.

I am very happy with Top tracking System as a fleet tracking tool to meet the challenges I am face every day. I am provide location and recovery services for stolen vehicles, it is very gratifying to know that there is such an exclusive technology company that offers services with an excellent return on investment.
Reports are provides and easy to read and the configuration is very simple. I am very satisfied with the multiple fleet tracking functions that your systems have. I am also impressed with the technical support that they gave to helps me with the configuration.
I am recommend without any doubt to work with this team of professionals who have proved to be a serious and committed company with their customers.

Daniel Peterson S.

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